It all started on the last day of 2017. I went to Hyderabad for the new year party, I stayed at the office and that day Prithvi Raj gave me an idea to make a vlog on my family business to promote it through video. It was made successfully and since that day I been making vlogs on my learnings and some productivity stuff from various entrepreneurs, influences, authors and many businesses personalities.

My vlogs used to be very pathetic, no frame settings, many mistakes without any proper thumbnail. Made a very little description of the video and improper tags. In this journey of vlogging, I have improved a lot by making them daily, I not just improved my vlogging, enhanced video and made adjustments to audio, To give proper content I read books and many journals, articles and many skills which I’m practising till now.

"Daily vlogging is like keeping a journal, where each new day is a new page"

THROUGH vlogging I have updated my living a lot. In the initial stage, we produce some nonsense content but after doing some vlogs we feel the videosare improvising .we feed knowledge to our brains to give quality contentand gain the speaking skill. In particular, I strived and literally gave time to do this every day, I even faced some negative comments and positive too.

I only felt one thing about negative comments, I want to turn the people who gave me negative comments to positive.

Vlogging teaches many things. This shows what you are capable of. I started people to vlog, just record what you are doing and just post them. I believe that if they start and don't want to quit they will strive hard to make it good.

"Don’t just vlog for views, vlog for viewers"

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