I felt empty in my mind after reaching this place, I came to this place at night and I didn’t expect the BALI airport to be that beautiful. Going to Bali is so easy just buy a ticket and fly that's it. You don’t even require any visa for visiting this place just take your passport that's enough. After you land in Bali your passport gets a stamp to get inside the island and customs process is very simple but take some time because of the huge crowd. The exterior of this place is beautifully sculptured. After coming out I saw many taxi people coming near me ( I'm smart and I didn’t take the taxi ) I connected to the airport wifi and booked a car from Grab, normal taxi was 150k IDR . but in grab, I got for 50k IDR. In grab we can chat with the driver it is more helpful because we will not have any local sim.

From the airport, I directly went to Canggu and stayed at Canggu beach hostel. The stay was so beautiful near the beach and it was so cheap and the food here is inexpensive.

The place is surrounded by beaches, clubs, temples surf schools and some restaurants.

And the most interesting terrace rice fields

Stayed in Canggu for 5 days every day we have some interesting things to do at this place in the day and at evenings at the beach and at the night at the clubs until 3 am most of the clubs closes at 12 pm but the sand bar opens at 11 pm until 4 am .you meet the craziest people here.

Enjoyment and fun are a lot here I found many interesting people here so you can.

So where to find people here?

I’ll tell you

Old man's cafe, sand bar, Finns beach club

And if you stay at hostels then you can.

I found an Indian restaurant at Canggu and it was awesome and it's cheap, you even get paneer there not tofu. Darms’s kitchen

Form canggu moved to Kuta and here stayed for 3 days. This place is full of shopping and most of the people here are locals and beautiful surf beaches

On the 1st day at Kuta went to a local shopping there I found many different local things and I saw many local massagers all the way on the streets and I stayed at bed plus backpackers hostel

And the second day went to Uluwatu for the beautiful views and the beautiful beaches Uluwatu beach and Nyang Nyang beach on bike.

The next day went for surfing at Kuta beach. It was a wonderful experience, I never thought I would surf but I did it. We can rent a surfboard for 50 k.

The most recommended place is go to the sky garden. Entry starts from 5 pm until 4 in the morning. It’s just 99k from 5–9 pm you get unlimited drinks and high-class buffet and unlimited fun. This club is always crowded.

Later, from Kuta took a grab and left to Ubud and stayed for 4 days Stayed at In da lodge hostel .full of greenery and beautiful swimming pool and beautiful evenings beautiful temples and traditional dances at the Ubud Palace, Monkey Forest ( You can see many monkeys all around and beautiful Natural forest, water streams and many places to take photos).

Next day went to Camping Ridge walk ( It’s a 2 km walk in the middle of farms, I felt very peaceful when I been here .you hear a lot of beautiful sounds and feel like sleeping under a tree. After the ridge walk, you can see some small shops and restaurants where you can find a young cool coconut at 15 k.

On day 3 in the early morning 1 am we went to Mt.Batur trekking. This mountain is an active volcano mountain. we reached the mountain base at 3 pm and started to trekk it’s a 2000 meters high it took us around 2.5hrs.After reaching there I was stunned to look at the spectacular view of sunrise coming up from behind Mt.agung and fluffy orange clouds below the mt Agung.

If you wanted to go for sunrise trekking you can purchase the ticket at the tourist information centres but I suggest you not to go to tourist information centres there on the main roads just go inside the streets there you can get for cheaper prices I got it for 300 k and brought tickets to Gilli islands on a speed boat for 400 k for to and fro.

The morning started at 10 am from Ubud in a shuttle bus which they provided including the ticket .speed boat from Padang bai port on the way to Gilli you can enjoy beautiful sceneries and a wonderful view of Bali and mountain views and lots of fun with music and dance on the deck.

And finally reached at 5 pm and in Gilli stayed at gillifit

In Gilli islands there are only horses and cycle transportation

What we can do in Gili islands

Boat party, night clubs, snorkelling, scuba diving, tickets to mt. Rinjani, pool parties in some hostels and resorts, a ticket to Komodo island, night food market, sunset beaches, there is a lot of things to do

From there back to Bali.

Stayed in Denpasar this place is a local area from here went to some malls and went to a local visit, from here again I went to Canggu and this time I stayed at different hostel Canggu surf hostel which is in middle of Canggu area and went to Tanah lot temple which 15 km from here and went to Seminyak tour and surfing again in the Canggu beach and on the last day went to Kuta again in the evening went to sky garden and the following day flew to India with lot of memories and friends.

In my whole stay, I spent a lot of time at the beach in the evenings and in the night at clubs and remaining times met many people and experienced many things.

Places I didn’t visit and wanted to -

Nusa penida ,Kintamani,bukit asah desa budung,bali swing, water boom,bali safari and marine park, sanur

Where to get bikes for rent?

We can rent a bike anywhere you can get them through the website too. just search in google for bikes in Bali.

What to take while travelling?

Less clothes(light weight mostly), toiletaries,shoes,rain jacket,books,sunscreen ,money,some saftey precautions .

Where can I exchange money?

The best place is the central Kuta money exchange. They have the best exchange value. you can check the prices in their websites. locate them on google maps.

p.s — what ever amount i mentioned above is in indonesian rupiah currency .

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